Manitoba Awards Committee Nominations for EMS Exemplary Service Medal Procedures

In Section A under “identification Number”, enter the Manitoba attendant licence number, home address and telephone number of the nominee.

In Section A, “Years of Service”, entries must reflect the specific years of service “on the cars”. This time must be the time spent in duties in which the individual is personally required to provide emergency medical treatment to patients and is, therefore personally subject to the potential dangers at the scene and resulting from direct contact with the patient. This time could include a mobile supervisory position, the job description of which requires him/her to regularly attend the scene and personally provide back-up and assistance to the crews on duty.

Time spent in positions where the job descriptions do not require the individual to come into regular, direct contact with emergency scene and patients will not be counted towards the ten years of “potential risk”.

Once the threshold of “exemplary” has been established;

The most straightforward nominee has been a fulltime EMS paramedic for at least 20 years at least 10 of which were in a position of risk.

This is interpreted to mean a road paramedic (or supervisor), working on a fulltime basis for a licensed public service whose regular duties involve providing emergency medical services to the public.
The variation of this is a paramedic who, because of the employment market, works regularly for two (or more) qualifying employers (part-time jobs).  Still, he is specifically and exclusively a paramedic.

Another variation is where, because of the employment market, the paramedic works less than fulltime hours but that is the working hours available and his only job (i.e he is specifically and exclusively a paramedic).”

These years must not be lumped in with non-patient-service periods (e.g. with administrative, training, dispatch, etc. time). However the required 20 years of service must be detailed in this section.

Section B must be completed by the nominating authority which may be the nominee’s employer or senior supervisor. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

A. Completion of the “Certification”. Copy attached.
B. The medal may be awarded to an individual who has performed his/her duties in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency. Documentation illustrating the exemplary nature of the nominee’s EMS history must accompany the Nomination Form.

Documentation must confirm excellence in the following areas:

1. Good Conduct

Conduct above reproach is fundamental to exemplary service. Any conduct that has prejudiced or detracted from patient care, or which has, in any manner, violated a patient’s trust or well being, or which has brought public discredit to the EMS profession will disqualify the nominee.

2. Industry

This section should include a brief history of the nominee’s involvement in industry related activities, e.g. Public relations, skills improvement, member of an association or organization that are directly involved in advancing the goals of EMS professionals.

3. Efficiency

Examples of efficiency could include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

Provided a suggestion or idea that has assisted the profession in providing better patient care.

Set and exemplary example to follow in providing an efficient and effective service in the care for patients and members of the profession.

Promotes a high level of pride in appearance of unit, service and self.

An individual who cannot be credited with any special and outstanding activity or feat of performance may still be exemplary. That determination may rest on the individual’s profound effect on brining his/her peers to a higher standard of performance than they would otherwise have reached. Being a role model by placing the good of peers/patients/EMS before personal considerations. In achieving a public image of “Mr. /Ms. EMS”; in having a personal history of using initiative and dedication to improve the overall quality of service.

There are three factors to consider for these individuals:

The superiority of their impact on peers, patients, or EMS generally,

The consistency of their performance/impact in the areas being credited

The length of time over which the performance/impact has been observed.




TO: Manitoba EMS/ESM Awards Committee


Re: (Name of Nominee)

As the nominating Authority for the above, I am pleased to provide the following certification to the Manitoba Awards Committee. I recognize that the Nomination Form, this certification, and the specific background information I have provided will be heavily relied upon by the Awards Committee is its decision whether or not to recommend.

“ I certify that the above nominee has served the named organizations for the periods stated on the nomination Form, that during this service no serious disciplinary action has been taken against the Nominee, that the Nominee has served at least 10 years in a position of risk as a front-line ambulance attendant and that the Nominee is in every way deserving of the Exemplary Service Medal.”

Signature of Nominating Authority

Manitoba EMS Exemplary Service Awards Committee
Unit 230 – 530 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB
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